Limitless Yoga with Maria & Johan

Access over 100 practice videos with us at our HEGGVEGR CHANNEL on Boon TV for only 10€ a month!


The videos range from therapeutical & relaxing practices, flowing yoga sequences to 25min Tabatha & HIIT sessions.


The videos are 5 to 90 minutes and have different specified focuses like shoulders, hips, lower back and Johan’s “Singers Warm Up Sequence” that he does before going on stage.


There is also the Helvegen Practice, physically inspired and informed by yoga and physiotherapy along with a philosophical focus on Norse Mythology.


As we are currently not producing new material for the channel we are offering full access to the archives for only 10€ a month!


Hockey Specific Yoga with Maria is offered at use our code "HOCKEYYOGA" for a 30 day free trial.