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Yoga med Jim Tarran, grundare av Vajrasati Yoga School

29&30 November i Yoga Stark-studion

The Class

fredag 29/11 17:30-19:00

450kr / 375 för de som även deltar på lördagen

A class just to experience the deep practice of Vajrasati Yoga.
Utilising Modern Postural Yoga techniques to isolate the disparity between the two competitors vying for control of the body-mind; the inner and the outer bodies.
In this class we will identify how resistance exists on all planes simultaneously – i.e. tension in the breath (shallow breathing) is also tension in the body, is also tension in the mind.
We will see that that tension is driven by disagreement or disparity between the inner body (the nervous system) and the outer body (the directions that the pose is pulling the body in) and that to bring them to agreement (through; visualisation, awareness, patience) is how we cleanse the nervous system and achieve absorption (samadhi).


The Workshop

 lördag 10:00-16:30, lunch 12:30-14:00



Following on from the previous evening’s class we will continue to explore the theme of
agreement to purify the nervous system (nāḍī śodhana).
We will explore additional techniques to help the patterns in the nervous system (samskara- s) release including; postural movement, breath work, mantra and haṭha and tantrik techniques.
There will be an opportunity to ask questions around anything yogic towards the end of the workshop.

Både klass och workshop kommer att assisteras av Marias lärare Beth Win, Urban Yoga Monkey


Om Vajrasati

Vajrasati Yoga was founded by Jim Tarran in 2000 and is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher Training Plus 500 RYS course which is the highest accreditation available for a teacher training course.


Vajrasati Yoga (VS Yoga) most often takes the form of a straightforward Modern Postural Yoga class i.e. body work. Interwoven into the fabric of the MPY asanas is the spirit of the yoga movement as it has come down to us through its various influences such as Tantra, Raja, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism. This is done through the tone of the relationship we have with the practice and through the central premise embodied in the word yoga itself; that the isolation of breath, body, mind, heart, energy is simply a convention which covers a more obvious truth that each of these elements are inseparable parts of one whole experience that has at its heart freedom, joy, wisdom, and bliss. We encourage non-violence (ahimasa), honesty (satya), investigation (svadyaya) as well as using a sense of trust (ishvara pranidhana), or letting go, to find a deeper intuitive connection (yoga) to what we do. The classes integrate movement, breath, philosophy and humour in a way that leaves you feeling lighter, refreshed and revitalised.

Jag önskar alla hjärtligt välkomna till detta fantastiska tillfälle att yoga med en ödmjuk och erfaren lärare som har en gedigen yogahistoria både som elev och lärare.

För frågor är ni välkomna att kontakta mig via mobil 0707 327494 alt. epost:



Yogasalen ligger i vårt hus som vi delar med några adopterade fyrbeningar med päls, en hund och tre katter.. Yogasalen städas innan varje klass och har få textilier. Flera allergiker deltar på yogan men det kan vara bra att veta för den som har kraftig allergi mot pälsdjur..